Daily Briefing: Rafah Update & Hezbollah Fires Anti-Tank Missiles

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Welcome to the Daily Briefing from the Israeli Citizen Spokesperson’s Office
Speaker: Ashley Waxman Bakshi

Date: Day 235 of the October 7th War

Hello everyone, I’m Ashley Waxman Bakshi. If you’re watching live online, please feel free to start submitting your questions now. I’ll try to address them during this session or later in the comments.

Current Situation

  • Hostages: 125 hostages remain in Hamas terror dungeons, including my 19-year-old cousin, AUM.
  • International Response: Despite the dire situation, many world leaders are advocating for Israel to abandon these hostages, potentially allowing Hamas to continue their attacks.

Recent Military Actions

  • Israeli Airstrike in Rafah: Targeted two high-ranking Hamas terrorists. Despite efforts to minimize civilian casualties through precise intelligence and measures like aerial surveillance, accidental civilian losses occurred due to shrapnel hitting a nearby fuel tank.

Prime Minister’s Statement

  • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed regret over the civilian casualties, emphasizing the unintended nature of the incident and the ongoing investigation by the IDF’s Military Advocate General.

Hezbollah’s Involvement

  • Recent aggression from Hezbollah includes anti-tank missiles fired from Lebanon and UAVs entering Israeli airspace. This ongoing threat highlights the failure of resolutions demanding Hezbollah’s disarmament.

Humanitarian Efforts

  • Aid to Gaza: 378 trucks, inspected in Israel, recently crossed into Gaza via the Kerem Shalom crossing. Despite challenges, Israel continues to facilitate substantial humanitarian aid.
  • Rafah Border Situation: Questions arise as Egypt keeps the Rafah border crossing closed, impacting aid flow from Egypt to Gaza.

Viewer Questions

1. Leor on Instagram: Inquires about a shooting incident on the Israel-Egypt border. The details are currently under investigation, with no casualties reported on the Israeli side.

2. Neeve on Instagram: Questions the comparison of Hamas’s intentional attacks on October 7th with Israel’s defensive actions. It’s essential to recognize the difference in intentions and objectives.

3. Paul on Instagram: Wonders why the rocket attacks on Tel Aviv and surrounding areas receive less media attention, highlighting the effectiveness of Israel’s Iron Dome system.

4. Sarah on Instagram: Asks how ordinary citizens can support the hostages. Raising awareness and advocating for their release are critical steps everyone can take.

Closing Remarks

Thank you for joining today’s briefing. Please follow the Israeli Citizen Spokesperson’s Office on social media platforms for updates. Join us again tomorrow at 3:00 PM Israeli time, 8:00 AM Eastern time, for our next daily briefing.

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