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Hello everyone, I’m Eylon Levy. This is the daily briefing of the Israeli Citizen Spokesperson’s Office. If you’re watching live on any of the platforms, please submit your questions, and I will take them at the end.

Current Status

It is day 240 of the October 7th War. Israel is now in an intense period of negotiations that, if successful, will result in the freeing of the hostages from the Hamas terror dungeons in Gaza.

Proposal by President Biden

On Friday, President Biden presented what he said was an Israeli proposal for freeing the hostages and ending the war that Hamas started on October 7th.
The proposal has three phases: Phase One, Phase Two, and Phase Three.

Phase One: Six Weeks

  1. Ceasefire: Israel and Hamas will cease fire, and the guns will go quiet.
  2. Withdrawal: Israel will withdraw from populated areas of Gaza, meaning the cities but not other key points on the borders.
  3. Hostages Release: Hamas will release a number of living hostages, including women, the elderly, and the wounded, as well as some bodies of dead hostages.
  4. Palestinian Civilians: Palestinian civilians can return to their homes in all areas of Gaza. Israel will monitor the movement of people returning from southern to northern Gaza and prevent Hamas terrorists from returning.
  5. Prisoner Release: Israel will release hundreds of Palestinian prisoners.
  6. Humanitarian Aid: Israel will continue to flood Gaza with aid, with a record 600 trucks going into Gaza every day.

Phase Two: Negotiations

During the six-week period of Phase One, Israel and Hamas, through their mediators, will negotiate the details of Phase Two.

  1. Hostages Release: The release of all remaining living hostages, including male IDF soldiers.
  2. Prisoner Exchange: Hamas demands the release of mass murderers from Israeli prisons.
  3. Military Withdrawal: Israeli forces would withdraw from Gaza if Hamas sticks to the deal.
  4. Permanent Ceasefire: Phase Two aims for a cessation of hostilities permanently.

Phase Three: Reconstruction

  1. Reconstruction Plan: A major reconstruction plan for Gaza led by Arab nations and the international community together with Israeli and Palestinian leaders.
  2. Disarmament: Hamas must not be allowed to rearm, and concrete must be used for rebuilding homes rather than tunnels.

Response from the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office

The Israeli Prime Minister’s office responded, insisting that Israel will not end the war before its three goals are met:

  1. Destruction of Hamas’s military and governing capabilities.
  2. Release of all the hostages.
  3. Ensuring that Gaza no longer poses a threat to Israel.

Unresolved Questions

  • How will Hamas be removed from power?
  • How will Hamas’s leaders be brought to justice?
  • How will Hamas be prevented from rearming?
  • What role will Arab nations and the international community play?
  • Is there any other way to free the hostages?

International Support

Egypt and Qatar are telling Hamas to take the deal. Maximum international pressure is needed on Hamas to accept the deal or the war that Hamas started will intensify.

Public Sentiment in Israel

Israel faces an impossible dilemma: bringing back the hostages while ensuring Hamas can never again take hostages. The hostages’ families have rallied in Tel Aviv, calling it “The Netanyahu Deal.”


Matan on Instagram: Are people in Israel leaning more towards the Biden ceasefire-hostage deal now or more towards continuing the war?

Answer: Israel is currently torn between two priorities: destroying Hamas and rescuing the hostages. The plan proposed by President Biden is actually the Israeli proposal. The belief is that military pressure on Hamas might make a hostage release deal more likely.

Aram on Twitter: If Israel is committed to finishing off Hamas in Gaza, why aren’t they committed to doing the same in the West Bank?

Answer: Israel is aware that Hamas is popular in the West Bank. The strategy of destroying Hamas in Gaza aims to prevent its influence from spreading and growing in the West Bank.

Adam on Twitter: Given the situation in Northern Israel and the missiles from Hezbollah, is there any intention by Israeli Security Forces to enter Southern Lebanon?

Answer: The northern front with Hezbollah is a significant concern. Even if the war in Gaza ends, the threat from Hezbollah remains unresolved, and Israel must address this ongoing challenge.

Rebecca on Instagram: What about destroying the tunnels?

Answer: Israel is actively focusing on destroying the extensive network of Hamas tunnels, which stretch both inside and outside Gaza. This embedded military infrastructure under civilian areas must be neutralized to prevent future threats.

Hillary on Instagram: What will happen with UNRWA in this deal?

Answer: UNRWA is seen as a front for Hamas and an integral part of its operations. For a sustainable ceasefire, there can be no room for UNRWA in a post-war Gaza, as it has been complicit in perpetuating the conflict.

Marcel on Instagram: What government body would be in Gaza if Hamas is defeated?

Answer: Israel has not yet laid out a clear plan for governance in Gaza after Hamas. It is clear, however, that Israel will not govern Gaza, nor will Hamas. The ideal scenario involves a coalition of Arab states and the international community to take over governance.


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