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From the first update on the morning of October 7,
IDF documents and reports on everything that happens in the
IDF throughout the fighting – every day and every hour.
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99% of the threats launched into Israel were intercepted


Fighter jets attacked an extensive Hizbullah military compound in the Rihan area, which includes military buildings and a military position.


Following the alerts that were activated tonight in the area of the city of Sderot, the air defense fighters successfully intercepted three missiles that crossed the territory of the Gaza Strip. IDF forces attacked the launch area with artillery fire.


The words of the IDF spokesman, Brigadier General Daniel Hagari, to the foreign media


A short time ago, the body of Binyamin Achimair, the 14-year-old boy who had been missing since yesterday morning, and was murdered in a terrorist attack, was located by the IDF forces, the Shin Bet and the Israel Police, in the Malachi HaShalom area. The investigation of the incident continues.

The concrete forces continue the pursuit of the suspects of carrying out the attack. The security agencies participate in the family’s grief.


Fighter jets of the Air Force attacked in four different areas at the same time a series of Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon.


Following the alerts that were activated in the Hanita area, three missiles were identified that crossed the territory of Lebanon towards Israel, and fell in open areas.


Further to the finding of Binyamin Achimair’s body, documentation from security forces’ scans of the area over the past day is attached


As a result of the fall of an explosive UAV earlier today in the Hanita area, an IDF soldier in reserve, a member of the standby squad at the kibbutz was seriously injured. The soldier was taken to a hospital for medical treatment, his family was informed.


In recent hours, clashes between Israeli citizens and Palestinians have developed in several locations in the Judea and Samaria region, during which the participants threw stones and shot. Dozens of Israelis and Palestinians were injured in various ways.

Many forces of the IDF and the Israel Defense Forces were held in the various areas and used means to disperse demonstrations. As of this time, all the events have ended.


Fighter jets recently attacked a number of Hezbollah military buildings in the areas of Tir Harfa, Alma al-Sha’ab, and Yarin in southern Lebanon.


At the end of the situation assessment, it was decided that starting tonight (Saturday), at 11:00 p.m., a change will be made in the defense policy of the Home Front Command.

As part of the changes, it was decided to ban educational activities all over the country. In green areas – limiting gatherings to 1,000 people.

The preparation of the Air Force:


Iran launched drones, it takes them a few hours to arrive,” declared IDF spokesman, Brigadier General Daniel Hagari, “the IDF is prepared and ready with all its defensive and offensive formations, we prepared for a variety of scenarios in advance.”


A short time ago, Iran launched an unmanned aerial vehicle from its territory towards the territory of the State of Israel.

The IDF is on high alert and forms a situational picture at all times. The air defense system is on high alert at the same time as the Air Force planes and Navy ships that are on a mission to protect the country’s skies. The IDF is monitoring all targets.

We ask the public to listen and adhere to the instructions of the Home Front Command and the official announcements of the IDF spokesperson on the subject.


“We have been at war in several arenas for over six months,” stated the commander of the Central Command, Major General Rafi Milo, “throughout the war we have faced and rubbed shoulders with a large number of challenges in a very wide variety of threats, we have learned and improved – we arrive ready and strong both in defense and attack. Assessing the situation, we decided to change the defense policy.”

“Starting tomorrow there will be no educational activity all over the country. Also, there is a ban on gatherings of over 1,000 people,” continued the Peka’ar commander, “You are required to continue to be careful and listen to the instructions, they can change depending on the assessment of the situation. Until today Your conduct and adherence to the instructions was exceptional, keep it up – it saves lives.”

“The frontline command is deployed and prepared throughout the entire country,” said the Peka’ar commander, “the warning system is prepared and ready, together with the heads of the authorities and the emergency organizations we will be able to challenge.”


In accordance with the situation assessment, the residents of the northern Golan Heights, the Nabatim area, Dimona and Eilat are asked to stay until further notice near a protected area that can be reached during self-defense.

Upon receiving the warning, you must enter the protected area, if there is no protected area you must act according to “the most protected available”, in any case you must wait 10 minutes – no less. You should keep up to date with the messages distributed in the media and wait for further instructions.


The words of the IDF spokesman, Brigadier General Daniel Hagari


“The vast majority of the missiles launched by Iran were intercepted outside of Israel,” stated the IDF spokesman, Brigadier General Daniel Hagari, “the IDF base in the south was slightly damaged, the incident is not yet over, and we continue to intercept threats on their way to Israel.”


A short time ago, dozens of launches of surface-to-surface missiles were detected that made their way from Iran to the country’s territory.

The air defense fighters successfully intercepted using the “Arrow” system and, together with the strategic partner countries, most of the launches before they crossed the territory of the country. A few injuries were detected, among them at a military base in the south of the country with minor damage to the infrastructure.


The Chief of Staff is currently conducting a situation assessment at the air force pit in Kirya with the commander of the Air Force, R. AMT and R. AMAN, in the framework of which the defense and attack activity of the last few hours and the plans for the future were presented.


Fighter jets attacked a short time ago in the camp belonging to the Redouan force, several buildings in the area of the village of Jaba in southern Lebanon.


“We intercepted 99% of the threats that were launched into the territory of the State of Israel,” declared the IDF spokesman, Brigadier General Daniel Hagari, “this is a very significant strategic achievement, out of about 170 unmanned aircraft that Iran launched – zero penetrated the territory of the State of Israel.”


Attached is documentation of the landing of the Hadir planes from the sky defense mission back at the Nabatim air force base:

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