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This is Hamas As Is

The Massacre From Their Cameras – October 7, 2023

Hamas Slaughtering Entire Family Execution Style 

Entire Israeli family shot dead execution-style in their home by Palestinian Hamas in their home on October 7, 2023

Videos captured on October 7th by Hamas’s own cameras reveal horrific scenes of their militants brutally slaughtering an entire family in their home.

The footage depicts their deliberate and indiscriminate acts of violence, highlighting the terror group’s ruthless disregard for human life.

These actions starkly reveal the true nature of Hamas, a terrorist organization that operates with a singular purpose: to inflict maximum pain and fear upon innocent civilians.

Their ideology is rooted in terror, and their tactics include targeting homes, neighborhoods, and public spaces to create widespread devastation.

The world cannot overlook these atrocities, as they underscore the urgent need to counter Hamas’s ongoing campaign of terror and protect the fundamental rights and safety of all people

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