Israel occupation makes gaza the world biggest open air prison

Israel has essentially converted the Palestinian territories under its occupation into a vast, open-air incarceration facility So said the UN expert Francesca Albanese, according the Reuters on 11.7.23 Aljazeera agrees, and writes that the Gaza strip is besieged by Israel. We decided to do some google to check if this is true. rafah crossing – gazans path to freedom YearResponsibleStatusDescription1982 – 2005Israel, Egyptopen to people and goodsOpen to people and products and under Israeli and Egypt control2005PA, Egypt, UNopen to peopleThe crossing was operated by Palestinian and Egyptian security forces, under the supervision of a European force called EU BAM Rafah following the Israeli Disengagement from the Gaza Strip.2006PA, Egypt, UNpartially closedFollowing terror attacks and kidnapping by Palestinians and Hamas2007-2011Hamas, EgyptclosedAfter the Hamas took control of Gaza2011-2013Hamas, Egyptopen to peopleFollowing the revolt in Egypt2013-2017Hamas, EgyptclosedFollowing The rise of Al-Sisi to power in Egypt2017PA, Egyptopen to peopleFollowing the PA Hamas agreement2018PA, Egyptpartially open to people and goodsPartially limited2019PA, Egyptopen to people and goodsTens of thousands departed to the Arab world, Turkey or Europe2020PA, EgyptclosedFollowing Covid and Hamas violations2021-2024PA, Egyptopen then closedFollowing Hamas terror, and closed since then, although Israel suggested to reopen when taking control on 2024 * Throughout all these years goods entered Gaza via Kerem Shalom, Israel, since 2018, half of the goods enter from Israel and half from Egypt So please explain us again? How is it that Israel is to blame of the Gazans besiege? Here is some information from the net to prove these facts. In 1995, in the Oslo accords, Israel calculated that 750000 passengers per year will pass from PA territories into Israel In 2005, following the Israeli Disengagement from the Gaza Strip, Israel secured in the agreement that the crossing will be open for people and goods. In 2012 Israel regulate the movement…

Gaza is the biggest world prison

the people there are under blockade – unable to leave 2.1 million people live on just 365 square kilometers of land. It is said that no one is going in or out. Is that true? We googled it in International and pro Palestinian sites, and this are the results: Here is what a Palestinian from Gaza needs to do to travel abroad, according to The Danish Immigration Service in 2019 Surprisingly it seems that Israel gives permissions to travel from Gaza to Israel when needed, and come back, but Hamas and Egypt both use their combined border to exploit the Palestinians, steal from the money and torture them if they try to exit without their permission. And what about Palestinian workers in Israel? So which is it? Is it a prison? Or do thousand of Gazans pass each day to work, pass medical examination, appear in courts, visit relatives in an Israeli prison and do business in Israel? Evidently except when the pass is closed for security reasons when Hamas attacks Israel? Once again – don’t believe propaganda, google it.

The nation of Israel will remember

Israel will remember October 7th and the months that followed. Israel will remember its loyal and brave sons and daughters. Israel will remember

Palestine will liberate us all

When scrolling through social media or observing pro-Hamas demonstrations, you may encounter slogans such as “Palestine will liberate us all.” But what dose it mean?

Unbelievable but True: Hamas Holds Holocaust Survivors Hostage

Meet Shlomo Mansour, who celebrated his 86th birthday under Hamas captivity. Shlomo is Hamas’s oldest abductee, who still is still in captivity by Hamas. Other than Shlomo being the oldest abductee Hamas is holding, he is also a Holocaust survivor.

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