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Hamas and Islamic Jihad Use Children for Terrorist Activities and Incitement

evidence showing that the Hamas terrorist organization indoctrinates children in the Gaza Strip and incites them to terrorist activity. From a young age, children are educated to hate Israel and Jews. In schools, youth movements, and at camps, children undergo both theoretical and practical military training.

Children with weapons alongside members of the terrorist organization

In routine times, Hamas operates summer camps where children learn to shoot weapons, storm through tunnels, fight against tanks and even kidnap soldiers. These camps are early stages of training for Hamas’ military wing. Based on intelligence it is estimated that a significant number of minors are active in the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations.

Even during the war, the Hamas terrorist organization uses minors for various tasks, for example sending children to deliver both messages and ammunition.

Children on October 7th

Photos taken by Hamas fighters show Palestinian (civilians) teens crossing the border to Israel

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