Unbelievable but True: Hamas Holds Holocaust Survivors Hostage

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Picture of Shlomo Mansour before the kidnapping

Meet Shlomo Mansour, a man who has lived through unimaginable hardships and yet continues to inspire those around him with his unwavering spirit. Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day, and Shlomo’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the atrocities that took place during that dark time in history.

Shlomo was born in Iraq and survived the Farhud, a violent pogrom against Iraqi Jews in 1941. He later moved to Kissufim, where he spent most of his adult life with his beloved wife Mazal. Shlomo was the manager of the kibbutz’s chicken coop for many years, and his dedication to his work was matched only by his love for his family.

Despite the many challenges he has faced in his life, Shlomo has always remained a humble and kind-hearted man. He has a talent for creating beautiful things with his hands, and his grandchildren are the lucky recipients of many of his creations.

However, Shlomo’s life took a tragic turn when he was kidnapped by Hamas. He is the oldest hostage still in captivity, and his story has garnered international attention as people rally together to demand his safe return home.

It is heartbreaking to think of all that Shlomo has gone through in his long life, and it is even more tragic to imagine him spending his final years under Hamas. But his story is a reminder to keep on fighting for his and the other hostages immediate release.

As we remember the victims of the Holocaust today, let us also remember those like Shlomo who are suffering because of those who only seek to do harm. Let us honor their resilience and never forget the importance of bringing back the hostages and to fight for what is right.

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