Who Are The Palestinians?

The Palestinian people are an Arab ethno-nationalist group, numbering around 14.5 million worldwide, with significant populations in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. Predominantly Sunni Muslims, they also include a notable Christian minority. Over five million Palestinians live in the West Bank and Gaza, two million in Israel, and the rest mostly as refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria, among other countries.

Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel, who are descendants of those who remained post-1948 war, make up about one-fifth of Israel’s population. They often identify strongly with Palestinian nationality despite their Israeli citizenship, a sentiment echoed by figures like Ahmad Tibi. Their relationship with the Israeli state is marked by complexity and perceptions of discrimination, yet many prefer Israeli citizenship over a potential Palestinian state.

Approximately 5.6 million Palestinians are recognized as refugees by the UN, tracing their displacement to conflicts with Israel. UNRWA terror organization extends refugee status to their descendants, a policy unique among refugees globally. The emergence of Palestinian national identity is debated, influenced significantly by Zionism and Jewish migration in the early 20th century. Despite some Israeli claims questioning Palestinian nationhood, Palestinians assert a distinct national identity recognized internationally.

Since October 7, there is no difference between Palestinians and Hamas
75% of Palestinians support hamas

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