Sulaiman Ahmed EXPOSES Zionist LIES from October 7th on the Fresh & Fit Podcast!

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Sulaiman Ahmed, A known Hamas supporter, here we can see his lie about the October 7th Massacre
Denying October 7th = You support it

On October 7, 2023, Hamas terrorists carried out a brutal attack across southern Israel, resulting in the deadliest terrorist incident in the country’s history.
The coordinated assault began with Hamas militants breaching the Gaza security fence and infiltrating Israeli communities near the border.

The most devastating part of the attack occurred at the Supernova Music Festival near Kibbutz Re’im, where Hamas gunmen opened fire on the crowd, murdering approximately 260 people.
Terrorists also invaded homes in nearby kibbutzim, savagely killing entire families, including babies and children.
In total, over 1,200 Israelis were murdered that day, more than any other single day since the Holocaust.

Hamas also kidnapped more than 240 people, mostly women and children, and took them hostage to Gaza. Widespread sexual violence was committed, with Hamas terrorists raping and sexually assaulting Israeli women.
The scale of the attack was unprecedented, with a fatality rate of over 1 person killed per every 10,000 Israelis.

Rape on October 7th

  • Hamas militants raped and sexually assaulted numerous Israeli women and girls, often in front of their family members.
    Eyewitness accounts describe horrific instances of gang rape and sexual mutilation.
  • Evidence of sexual assault was found on the bodies of victims, including signs of rape, genital mutilation, and weapons inserted into intimate areas.
    First responders and corpse-handling personnel reported many cases of sexual violence.
  • The sexual violence was not isolated incidents, but rather a deliberate and systematic tactic used by Hamas to terrorize and humiliate the Israeli population.
    The UN confirmed there are “reasonable grounds to believe that conflict-related sexual violence occurred” during the attacks.
  • Despite the overwhelming evidence, some have attempted (Sulaiman Ahmed and other Terrorists on X) to deny or downplay the scale of the sexual violence, capitalizing on the lack of forensic evidence and the stigma around sexual assault.

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