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Hamas is an Islamist militant group that seeks to replace Israel with an Islamic Palestinian state by any means, including violence.
Its goal is to “liberate Palestine” from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea = Kill Everyone in Israel.

The slogan “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is often used by pro-Hamas supporters.
This phrase as a veiled call to violence that denies Israel’s right to exist.

Hamas was founded in 1987 during the first Palestinian intifada as an offshoot of the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood.
Its 1988 charter called for the destruction of Israel and the establishment of an Islamic state in historic Palestine.
While Hamas has moderated some of its positions over time, it remains committed to armed resistance against Israel.

Dozens of countries, including the U.S. and EU, have designated Hamas a terrorist organization due to its attacks on Israeli civilians.
The group has carried out suicide bombings, shootings, rocket strikes, and cross-border incursions against Israel.
Iran and Turkey provide significant financial and material support to Hamas.

Being pro-Palestine means supporting an Islamist terrorist group that rejects Israel’s existence and seeks to replace it with an Islamic Palestinian state through violent means.

Pro Palestine means that you support the Hamas terror Organization
Pro Palestine means that you stand behind the values of Hamas

Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a notorious Hamas leader

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