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Ahmed Abu Latif

Ahmed Abu Latif was a courageous soldier and beloved member of his community who tragically fell during the building collapse in the Gaza Strip amid the October 7th conflict. At just 26 years old, Ahmed was serving as a sergeant in reserve duty with Battalion 8208 of Brigade 261. He hailed from the city of Rahat, leaving behind his wife, their one-year-old daughter, his parents, and 11 siblings. His unwavering dedication to his country and community was evident in all aspects of his life.

Ahmed took immense pride in his service with the Bedouin Reconnaissance Battalion, where he had forged lifelong bonds with his fellow soldiers. He publicly shared his thoughts in a heartfelt Facebook post, expressing his gratitude and commitment to serving the Israeli Defense Forces as a Bedouin-Israeli. His words echoed his unwavering love for his country: “The people I live and work with are my brothers and sisters, and we all respect each other in our homeland.”

His passion for service transcended ethnic and religious boundaries. He firmly believed that all citizens, regardless of background, were united in their shared love for Israel. His determination to protect his homeland was further reinforced after the devastating attacks of October 7th. He boldly stated, “Hamas does not differentiate between Jews and Arabs.”

Ahmed’s dedication and spirit earned him immense respect among his comrades, who described him as “a man who made no distinctions between people, for everyone was his brother.” He was deeply admired by students at Ben-Gurion University, where he worked in the security department. His friend and fellow soldier, Ofir Harel, reflected on Ahmed’s legacy: “He was proud of who he was, proud of his religion, proud of his roots, and proud of his country.”

Ahmed Abu Latif was a symbol of unity and courage, embracing all people as equals and advocating for mutual respect. He will be deeply missed by his family, friends, and the countless lives he touched. May his memory be a blessing.

First Name


Last Name

Abu Latif



Fell On

22 January 2024

Army Unit

261st Infantry Brigade (Reserve) 

Army Rank

Sergeant first class (res.) 

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