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After studying several years at the “Shavei Hebron” yeshiva, Avihay insisted on serving a full three-year military service. After his service, he worked at “Elbit” and studied electrical engineering at the Ruppin Academic Center.
for the past two years, he and his family have served as a foster family at the “Talpiot” Youth Village in Hadera, providing a family environment for at-risk girls.

Avihay Joined his reservist unit on the day of October 7, and fell in battle fighting Hamas terrorists while defending the people of Sha’ar Hanegev near the city of Sderot.

Three months after his passing, his third daughter, Shahari, was born.

First Name


Last Name




Fell On

9 October 2023

Army Unit

battalion 7008

Army Rank

Master sergeant (res.)

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