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Eliyahu Meir Ohana

Eliyahu, was a fighter in Battalion 7810, the ‘Yiftah’ Brigade. He enlisted in the reserves on October 7 and after a month in the Golan he was sent to the south.

Eliyahu is married to Raviya (27). They met through friends and already at the first meeting she knew he was the one. They gave birth to two-year-old Tohar and Joseph, only two months old, whom Elijah insisted on being present at his birth.

Eliyahu belongs to a large family, parents Avraham and Hanna, and seven children. A religious family that immigrated from France to Israel 40 years ago. Until his death at the age of 28, Eliyahu managed to fulfill his dreams, his family members say.

Eliyahu studied at the Rambam School, continued to Yavneh High School and then to the Kochav Ya’akov yeshiva which he stopped halfway through to enlist in the army.
He studied electrical engineering at Ariel College, worked for the Israeli Electric Company and Bell Electronics and also managed to buy an apartment in Afula.

First Name

Eliyahu Meir

Last Name



23 December 2023

Fell On


Army Unit

Yiftach Brigade

Army Rank

Master Sergeant (res.)

יהי זכרו ברוך

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