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Gideon Ilani

Gideon Ilani was a figure whose story is etched with light and shadow, and with every word written about him, a sense of appreciation mounts. It was in the Department of Physics at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev that his research skills shone, as he delved deeply and complexly into the study of galaxy clusters, articulating his innovative ideas with remarkable consistency and talent. As if his calm and serious demeanor had conquered the mysteries of the universe, astrophysics became his passionate dance.

Gideon’s intelligence was vast, but his depth of heart and his giving nature did not overshadow his love for Torah study and family life. A quiet man, a dedicated husband and father, a friend to everyone, and a valued student. The conviction that imbued him with strength and courage was his unyielding faith in the possibility of integrating different worlds –
between science and spirit.

When war broke out, Gideon did not hesitate to heed the call and was drafted into service with Battalion 2855 of the “Spearhead Formation”.
A paratrooper who fought in the battles in the Gaza Strip, and there, amid the intensity of life, he fell.

Beyond leaving behind a loving wife and six children, and a seventh daughter born after his death, Gideon also left an enormous intellectual creation that was supposed to lead to a distinguished doctorate. Professor Uri Keshet, his mentor, promised to complete his publications and to confer academic recognition for his work. This recognition will be part of Gideon’s tremendous legacy, one that combines scientific achievements, love of family, and dedication to his homeland.

First Name


Last Name




Fell On

10 December 2023

Army Unit

55th Paratroopers Brigade

Army Rank

Sergeant major (res.)

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