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Idan Baloi

Idan Baloi was a devoted officer in the Golani Brigade, serving in one of the Israel Defense Forces’ most esteemed units. He met his partner, Lihi Shemeshian, on their recruitment day and their relationship grew over their shared time in service. Four months after meeting, they became a couple, eventually planning for a future together that included travel, marriage, and children.

Tragically, Idan lost his life while defending against attacks by Hamas terrorists during the massacre on October 7.
Lihi was stationed in the north at that time and had been in contact with Idan until late morning. By noon, she could no longer reach him.

Despite her immense grief, Lihi returned to her duties, driven by a promise she made to Idan during his funeral to continue serving. Idan’s memory remains a source of inspiration and strength for Lihi and his comrades, embodying bravery and dedication to his country. His untimely death at 21 years old has left a profound impact on his family, partner, and all who knew him.

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07 October 2023

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Golani Brigade

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