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Itai Moreno

Itai (Shlomo) Moreno was a 24-year-old reservist in the elite Maglan Commando Brigade who tragically lost his life in combat at Zikim on October 11, 2023, during the ongoing conflict. He was the nephew of Emmanuel Moreno, a renowned officer of the Sayeret Matkal unit, who had also fallen in the line of duty 17 years earlier.

Residing in the village of Aderet, Itai served with distinction in his unit as a sergeant. On the sixth day of the war, Itai bravely engaged in combat against Hamas at Zikim and sacrificed his life for his country.

Just an hour and a half before the fatal encounter, Itai had a chance meeting with his father, who had traveled south to volunteer. This would sadly be their last moment together.

First Name


Last Name




Fell On

11 October 2023

Army Unit

Oz Division

Army Rank

Master sergeant

יהי זכרו ברוך

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