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Itay Buton

Itay Bouton was born on February 16, 2003, and grew up in the town of Petah Tikva, Israel, as the son of Shelly and Yossi. He had two brothers, Shagai and Rez. Itay enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on August 16, 2021, serving in the Givati Brigade.

Tragically, Sergeant Itay Bouton fell in battle on December 26, 2023, during a mission in northern Gaza. He was only 20 years old at the time of his passing. Itay was laid to rest in the military cemetery in Petah Tikva, leaving behind his parents and brothers.

Itay was a member of the Givati Brigade’s Shaked Battalion and distinguished himself for his bravery and selflessness. During an operation in northern Gaza, he responded quickly to gunfire emanating from a nearby building. Itay’s courageous actions saved the lives of his fellow soldiers by confronting the threat head-on.

Described as a beloved and compassionate individual, Itay was known for his broad heart, sensitivity, and depth of character. Despite his serious demeanor, he had a sharp and witty sense of humor that endeared him to everyone around him.

Hundreds attended Itay Bouton’s funeral at the military cemetery in Petah Tikva, honoring his memory and sacrifice. His bravery and selflessness serve as a testament to his dedication and valor in defending his country and comrades.

First Name


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Fell On

26 December 2023

Army Unit

Givati Brigade

Army Rank

Staff sergeant

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