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Kamay Achiel

Kamay Achiel, 18 years old from Rosh Ha’Ain. Karin and Nir’s daughter. The eldest sister of Mika and Yahli.

Sergeant Kamay Achiell enlisted in the IDF in February 2023 and served in the Navy as a fighter in the fin unit in Fleet 914. She fell on October 14, 2023, during an operational activity in the maritime space in the north of the country, as a result of a technical malfunction of a weapon.
Kamay was the eldest daughter in her family. A family and loving girl. A week after her fall, she was supposed to celebrate her 19th birthday. She was born and raised in Petah Tikva and moved with her family to Rosh Ha’Ein.

Kamay had a rolling laugh and a radiant joie de vivre. She was persistent and excelled in everything she touched. In studies, in dance, and also in the military service, which she reached out of deep motivation.
About her military service she wrote: “Throughout all the years they fought for me, took care of me and allowed me and my family to live in such a country and find a little peace and comfort from all the madness that surrounds us. Now my shift has arrived, the moment when I have to look after small children who want to go to kindergarten or school when they Growing up quietly. The moment I allow the older population to live with a sense of security around them.”

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14 October 2023

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Israeli Navy

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