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Liav Aloush

Liav Aloush was a dedicated and fearless soldier who served in the elite Duvdevan unit of the IDF’s Commando Brigade. Born on December 27, 2001, in Gedera to Meli and Kobi, he grew up with his sister Amit. He was raised in a family devoted to the military: his father was a fighter in the Yamam counter-terrorism unit, and his mother was a casualty officer in the Golani Brigade. Inspired by these values, Liav enlisted in the Duvdevan unit and distinguished himself as an exceptional soldier.

Rising through the ranks, he became a staff sergeant and excelled in the elite 100 Team, the unit’s cutting edge. His commitment, bravery, and skill were unmatched, earning him recognition as an outstanding soldier during training. Tragically, he fell in battle in Khan Yunis, Gaza, on December 17, 2023, at just 22 years old.

Liav’s passion for life extended beyond his military career. He loved nature, enjoyed surfing, and cherished spending time with friends and family. His cousin Nirith Tannenbaum remembered him as a warm and principled person who always brought light into her home: “You brought so much light when you walked into the house. I love you, Liavush.”

His cousin Ori Saguy described Liav as a “superhero,” capable of anything. Liav excelled in sports like soccer, swimming, and running. He had a unique charm and charisma that left a lasting impression on everyone who knew him.

Liav’s courageous legacy and unwavering spirit will forever be remembered by his loved ones, his unit, and all who were inspired by his bravery and kindness.

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Fell On

17 December 2023

Army Unit

Duvdevan Unit

Army Rank

Sergeant first class

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