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Matan Abargel

Matan Abargel was a courageous young soldier who left a profound legacy through bravery and selflessness. Serving in the Golani Brigade’s elite 13th Battalion, he was unwaveringly committed to defending his homeland and fellow soldiers. At just 19, he exhibited extraordinary heroism during the 07 October 2023 Massacre.
When a terrorist from Hamas—threw a grenade into the armored personnel carrier where he and his team were stationed, Matan made a rapid, selfless decision that would save the lives of his comrades.

He noticed the grenade wedged in a compartment and, without hesitation, threw himself onto it. He pressed the explosive against his chest to absorb the blast, protecting his fellow soldiers at the cost of his own life. Even as he was critically wounded, he uttered his last words: “I tried to do everything to protect my country and my friends.”

This final act symbolized Matan’s immense dedication to his team and Israel. His sacrifice not only saved his comrades but also resonated across the nation, becoming a testament to the unwavering spirit of those defending their homeland. He was posthumously recognized for his incredible bravery.

Matan’s memory lives on through his family, friends, and those whose lives he saved. His story of heroism reminds us of the ultimate sacrifice made in service to one’s nation and embodies the values of duty, love, and protection. Matan’s legacy will continue to inspire generations of Israelis and people worldwide.

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07 October 2023

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Golani Brigade

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