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Neria Aaron Nagari

Neria Aaron Nagari, remembered as a charismatic and vibrant individual, left an indelible mark on everyone he encountered. Known for his engaging smile and a demeanor that brought joy and positivity to any setting, Neria was beloved for his lively spirit and unique sense of humor. His presence invariably created a warm and welcoming atmosphere, enhanced by his singing voice and positive energy.

On October 7th, in a sudden and violent attack at the Nativ HaAsara area, Neria demonstrated extraordinary heroism that would define his legacy. During an episode of extreme danger and chaos as the base came under surprise attack, Neria stood out for his composure and leadership. According to his mother, Sharon Nagari, who shared her son’s story on the program “Family Matter,” the base was left without a commanding officer during the critical moments of the attack. Amidst the confusion and fear, Neria was the stabilizing force who took control.

His courageous actions during these critical moments were pivotal. By drawing enemy fire towards himself, Neria made the ultimate sacrifice, saving the lives of approximately 90 fellow soldiers. His bravery and selflessness in those harrowing moments preserved many lives and left a profound impact on his comrades and all who knew of his valor.

Neria Aaron Nagari is commemorated as a hero, not only for the warmth and light he brought into lives during peaceful times but also for his remarkable courage and leadership in the face of grave danger. His story is one of true heroism, reflecting a life lived with immense love for others and an unyielding spirit in the protection of his fellow soldiers.

First Name

Neria Aaron

Last Name




Fell On

07 OCTOBER 2023

Army Unit

Search and rescue

Army Rank


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