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Noam Yosef Abou

Noam Yosef Abou was a bright and dedicated young soldier who tragically fell during the fighting in northern Gaza as part of Operation Iron Swords. At just 20 years old, he served as a sergeant with the 931st Battalion in the Nahal Brigade. Noam hailed from Dimona, where he grew up surrounded by family, friends, and his love for soccer. His cousin, Liad, shared heartfelt memories of Noam, emphasizing his musical spirit and unwavering support: “The picture of us together doesn’t leave my mind. I dreamed about him at night since he entered Gaza, and I worried about him. I can’t believe we lost him.”

Noam’s passion for life was reflected in everything he did, whether through his dedication to music or the joy he brought to his soccer team. Moshe Gross, his former soccer coach, recalled Noam’s infectious smile and relentless motivation, saying, “He always came to practice eager to learn. He was one of my most important players, a crucial part of the team.” He excelled on and off the field, and his coach believed he would go on to achieve greatness.

Noam Yosef Abou was a compassionate and positive presence, always encouraging others and spreading joy through his love of music and sports. He will be deeply missed by his family, friends, and all those who had the privilege of knowing him.

First Name


Last Name

Yosef Abou



Fell On

08 November 2023

Army Unit

Nahal Brigade

Army Rank

Staff sergeant

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