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“Triumph at Um Jalaya: IDF’s Successful Anti-Terror Operation Detailed – Infiltration Tunnels Destroyed, Terrorists Eliminated”

IDF Spokesperson:

The 162 brigade has completed the Um Jalaya operation and is prepared for the continuation of the assault; terrorists have been eliminated and infrastructures have been destroyed.

Artillery forces of 215 and aircrafts of the Air Force were active in preparing the field for warfare in the Um Jalaya area. The forces attacked terror targets with the assistance of combat aircrafts and remotely piloted aircrafts. Among the targeted were three underground tunnels near Um Jalaya, where terrorists were found.

Combat teams of the 401 brigade and Nachal managed fights against terrorists near Um Jalaya using tanks and assisted by remotely piloted aircrafts fire. Also, the soldiers found and destroyed rocket launchers in the field.

Additionally, combat forces of the 551 brigade, combined with special forces, operated from the north of Um Jalaya to clear the axis for the brigade’s forces and to thwart terrorist targets in the area. The soldiers eliminated terrorists during the operation with air support, seized enemy combat tools at several points, including in residential homes and children’s rooms, and destroyed tunnel openings.

A document is attached of Nachal brigade operations near Um Jalaya:

A document is attached of the attacks during the Um Jalaya operation:

Photos are attached of the forces’ operations:

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