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“Ongoing IDF Operations: Elimination of Terrorists and Seizure of Weaponry in Gaza Strip – An Inside Look”

IDF Spokesperson:

The fighting in the Gaza Strip continues; elimination of dozens of terrorists in western Khan Yunis alongside raids on terror targets that contained numerous weapons.

The renewing forces continue to work in the last day to eliminate terrorists and destroy terror infrastructures in the Gaza Strip, in collaboration with the Air Force. Naval arm fighters attacking terror targets on the coastline of the Gaza Strip as part of the assistance to the combat team of the Nachal Brigade which is operating in the center of the Strip.

The combat team fighters of the Paratroopers Brigade continue to operate in western Khan Yunis and during the last day, the fighters eliminated more than 20 terrorists, most of them were killed at close range.

As part of the fighters’ activity, the forces raided a number of terrorist targets and military buildings where grenades, explosives, military equipment, Kalashnikov rifles, and ammunition were found.

In additional activity in western Khan Yunis, forces from the Givati Brigade’s combat team directed an aircraft that attacked several military buildings in which terrorists were operating. An armed terrorist squad operating in the area fired a number of anti-tank missiles at the soldiers who within minutes closed a circle with Air Force troops and eliminated the terrorists.

In another event, the fighters eliminated several armed terrorists operating close to them and found several RPG launchers along with additional weaponry.

In the north and center of the Strip, troops from the 162nd Division continue to raid terror infrastructures and eliminate armed squads. In the Shati area, combat team fighters from the 401st Brigade eliminated about ten terrorists in the last day.

Additionally, during the night, air defense fighters successfully intercepted a suspected aerial target that crossed from the Gaza Strip territory to the southern region of the country. An alert was activated on the Home Front Command’s application according to policy.

Attached is footage from IDF attacks in the Strip:

Attached are pictures from IDF forces’ activity in the Strip:

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