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“Decisive IDF Operations: Eliminating Terrorists and Destroying Weaponry Across the Gaza Strip”

IDF Spokesperson:

Dozens of terrorists were eliminated in the past day across the Gaza Strip: Fighters from the 414th Collection Unit identified a terrorist cell in the northern Strip transferring weaponry, an aircraft eliminated the cell shortly after.

In the north and center of the Strip, combat teams of the Nahal Brigade and the 401 Brigade eliminated dozens of terrorists in the past day during their own raids, and destroyed a number of Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) launchers. During the raid on an office belonging to a Hamas terrorist, the troops located military equipment, weapons, and documents of the Hamas terrorist organization.

In one of the incidents in the Shati area, fighters from the 414th Collection Unit identified several terrorists trying to transfer weapons in bags, the force directed an aircraft to the point and eliminated the cell.

In the west of Khan Younis, the combat team of the Givati Brigade eliminated about 20 terrorists in the past day. In one of the operations, a terrorist cell fired RPGs at an IDF vehicle, the fighters closed a circle on the three terrorists who carried out the shooting and eliminated them shortly after.

The fighters of the Paratroopers Brigade’s combat team eliminated many terrorists in the west of the city in the last day. During a raid conducted by the forces on a building in the city, the fighters found RPGs, grenades, military equipment, and diving equipment of the Hamas terrorist organization.

Also in the Khan Younis area, fighter jets destroyed a Hamas terrorist organization’s combat complex which included a tunnel entrance and a weapon store of the organization. In addition, fighters of the 646th Brigade’s combat team located Kalashnikov rifles, charges, and other weaponry of the Hamas terrorist organization.

Attached are pictures of the IDF operations in the Gaza Strip:

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