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“IDF’s Successful Elimination of Hamas Terrorists: Coordinated Attacks, Targeted Strikes, and Raids in the Gaza Strip”

IDF Spokesman:

Successful elimination of Hamas terrorists with full coordination between the fighting branches; IDF activity in the Strip continues.

Over the past day, the Air Force forces completed several attack missions across the Gaza Strip as part of the assistance to the manoeuvring forces.
As part of the attacks, a number of underground infrastructures were destroyed alongside military buildings and missile launch sites of the Hamas terrorist organization.

In the center of the Strip, the combat team of the Paratroopers Brigade eliminated a number of terrorists in the last day. In one of the activities, the brigade firepower complex together with the Air Force forces eliminated a surveillance commander in the Hamas terrorist organization.
In another operation, a ship from the Sea Arm identified a terrorist cell approaching our forces in the field, and in cooperation with the sea warriors and the brigade firepower complex, the forces attacked the cell and eliminated it.

In recent days, the 215th Artillery Brigade adjusted and performed targeted eliminations in Gaza City and the northern Strip. During the last day, the fighters eliminated about 15 Hamas terrorists, including a member of the organization’s general security and terrorists who took part in the murderous raids on the Gaza envelope settlements on October 7.

Commando Brigade fighters continue to eliminate terrorists and raid terror targets in the Khan Younis area. In the past day, the forces located weapons of various types, numerous explosives, and military equipment.
As part of another operation in Khan Younis, combat team fighters of Brigade 646 identified two enemy observers operating near them. The forces directed an aircraft that attacked and eliminated the activists.

The combat team fighters of Brigade 7 operated in West Khan Younis in the past day and eliminated a number of terrorists by sniper fire and tank shells.
The forces raided a number of military terror targets in the field, including Kalashnikov rifles, grenades, warehouses, and explosives were found.

Attached is documentation of the closing of a circle by the Brigade 646 combat team forces that eliminated a terrorist who fired an RPG at our forces from a building in Khan Younis the day before yesterday (Wednesday):

Attached is documentation of IDF attacks in the Gaza Strip:

Attached is documentation of IDF forces’ activity in the Strip:

Attached are photos of IDF forces’ activity in the Strip:

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