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“IDF’s 98th Division Targets Terror Infrastructures in Khan Yunis: Exclusive Insight Into Military Operations and Achievements”

IDF spokesperson:

Forces of the 98th Division continue to carry out operations in the “Hamad” neighborhood in the west of Khan Yunis; dozens of terrorists from the Hamas and PLO organizations who tried to escape under the cover of the population have been arrested.

The soldiers of the 98th division continue to comb the “Hamad” neighborhood, and carry out raids on terror infrastructures in the area. Commando soldiers are raiding Hamas’ terror infrastructures in the neighborhood and found many weapons. The combat team of the 7th Brigade continues to operate as part of the effort to evacuate residents from the combat zone, the soldiers arrested in the last day dozens of terrorists from the organizations Hamas and PLO who tried to escape under the cover of the population in the neighborhood.

The combat team of the Nahal Brigade continues to operate in the center of the strip and eliminated about twenty terrorists during the last day, through sniper fire, tank shells, and remotely piloted aircraft. In one of the attacks, in a joint operation of the brigade’s fire complex, brigade intelligence and the air force closed a circle on a terrorist and through the direction of the fire complex of the brigade, he was eliminated in a precise attack.

During activity in the Beit Hanoun area, the fire complex of the northern brigade identified a terrorist cell that operated a drone during the forces’ activity in the area, after identification, a fighter jet attacked and eliminated the cell.

Air Force forces continue to attack targets of the Hamas terror organization throughout the strip and during the last day over 50 targets of the organization were attacked. Among the targets attacked, launching positions, weapons warehouses, tunnel openings, and additional military infrastructures.

Attached is documentation of the attacks in the Gaza strip in the last day:

Attached are photos from the forces’ activity in the Gaza strip:

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