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“Inside IDF’s Intensive Anti-Terror Operations in the Gaza Strip: An In-Depth Report on Recent Activities and Achievements”

IDF Spokesperson:

IDF forces continue operations in the Hamad neighborhood in Khan Yunis: Last day, our fighters identified numerous weapons and destroyed terrorist command centers throughout the neighborhood; In the center of the Strip, a terrorist squad was targeted, which had entered a building containing a launch stand.

Forces from Brigade 7 battle team continued in the last day with raids on several terrorist infrastructures in the Hamad neighborhood in Khan Yunis and located a warehouse used for producing weaponry, charges, and military equipment. Furthermore, the forces located pits throughout the area and demolished command centers belonging to the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip.

Commando Brigade fighters continued with operations and searches on buildings in the neighborhood, finding weaponry and eliminating several terrorists.

During an attack in the Al-Qarara area, the brigade battle team Beis Lechem (828) identified six armed terrorists entering a military building with a launcher stand in it. A combat aircraft attacked and took down the terrorists.

In an additional activity of our fighters in the west of Khan Yunis, an RPG-armed terrorist was located, who had entered a building containing a subterranean infrastructure. A combat aircraft eliminated the terrorist.

In the center of the Strip, the Nachal Brigade combat team eliminated about ten terrorists in the last day. In one of the attacks, a terrorist squad was identified loading military equipment onto a vehicle near our forces, an aircraft attacked the vehicle, destroyed the equipment, and eliminated several terrorists. After the attack, secondary explosions were observed, indicating the presence of a large quantity of explosives in the vehicle.

In another attack, our ground forces identified a mobile terrorist squad in their sector. The forces directed a remotely piloted aircraft to the spot, which attacked and took down the terrorists.

Attached is footage of the elimination of the mobile terrorist squad that operated in the Nachal’s sector, and another strike of a Hamas terrorist organization infrastructure:

Attached are pictures from the activities of the forces:

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