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“Overnight IDF Operations: 7 Arrests and Seizure of Explosives Across Judea and Samaria”

IDF Speaker:

Documentation: Night-time activity by the IDF, Shin Bet, and border police in Hebron.

IDF soldiers worked overnight to arrest seven wanted individuals across Judea and Samaria. During activities in Hebron, by the Judea division, forces apprehended three wanted individuals and located parts of explosives.

In the village Ya’bad, in the Menashe division, forces apprehended three additional wanted individuals.

Yesterday (Saturday), the forces detained a wanted individual in Dheisheh, in the Etzion division.

The arrested individuals and confiscated combat materials have been transferred for further security forces treatment. Our forces were not harmed.

So far, since the beginning of the conflict, approximately 3,500 wanted individuals have been arrested across Judea and Samaria divisions, and the Jordan Valley and the plains localities. Over 1,500 of them are affiliated with the Hamas terror organization.

Attached is a video documenting the force’s activities:

Attached are photographs of the force’s activities:

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