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“IDF Thwarts Rocket Attacks: Decisive Strikes on Gaza’s Terrorist Infrastructures and Militants”

IDF Spokesperson:

Documentation: Fighter jets destroyed launchers containing rockets ready to be fired at the center of the country; 162 brigade forces fighting in the central Gaza Strip

Following the alerts that were activated last night (Saturday) in the area of the city of Sderot, air defense fighters successfully intercepted three rockets fired from the Gaza Strip. IDF forces attacked the launch area with artillery fire.

Air Force fighter jets attacked and destroyed three launchers which contained about 20 rockets ready to be fired at the center of the country.

The 401 Armored Brigade, Nahal Brigade combat teams, and other units under the command of the 162nd Division, continue their focused activity to eliminate terrorists and destroy terrorist infrastructures in the central Gaza Strip. The Nahal Brigade combat team destroyed Hamas terrorist infrastructures during the last day, including a weapons warehouse, and seized additional military equipment belonging to the organization.

In a simultaneous, targeted operation in the Beit Hanoun area, IDF fighters under the command of the Northern Brigade in the Gaza Division identified several armed terrorists operating in the area using a drone. Air Force aircraft attacked and eliminated the terrorists.

During the last day, in several focused attack sorties, Air Force aircraft attacked more than 30 terrorist targets throughout the Strip, including terrorist infrastructure, military buildings, and rocket launchers.

Enclosed is footage from the attack on the launchers containing rockets ready to fire at the center of the country:

Attached footage from IDF attacks in Gaza Strip:

Attached are photos from the activity of the forces in the Gaza Strip:

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