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“Urgent IDF Update: Iran Missile Threat and Home Front Readiness Instructions – Stay Alert, Stay Safe”

IDF Spokesperson:

Attached is an update by the IDF Spokesperson, Brigadier General Daniel Haggai, on the operational situation and instructions for home front readiness:

The full message as follows: “A short while ago, Iran launched missiles from its territory towards the State of Israel.
You are asked to be alert and act according to the Home Front Command’s instructions.
The Home Front Command’s warning system is capable of providing real-time alerts in areas where there is perceived danger.
I want to remind you that no matter where the threat comes from, if you hear a siren, you need to enter a protected space and stay there for at least ten minutes. No less.
We will update in real-time in case you need to stay longer.
The aerial defense system is fully operational and is intercepting threats wherever necessary, even at these times.
Several IAF planes are currently flying and are prepared for any threat.
You might hear explosions which could be interceptions or impacts.
Because these threats are of various types, alerts may be activated in wide areas.
I call on you to refrain from spreading rumors and unconfirmed reports,
and to refer only to official IDF Spokesperson and Home Front Command updates.
Continue to behave responsibly and calmly, as you have done so far, and make sure to follow instructions.
We are strong and capable also for this event.
The IDF will do whatever is necessary to protect the citizens of the State of Israel.
In the next hour, I will appear here again and update you on all developments”.

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