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“Decisive IDF and ISA Operation: Key Hamas Investigator Eliminated in Strategic Gaza Strike”

IDF spokesperson:

IDF and ISA forces attacked a terrorist cell in the central area of the Gaza Strip; the head of investigations at the internal security division of Hamas in Beit Hanoun was eliminated.

Following intelligence pulled together by the Southern Command, an aircraft of the Air Force attacked and eliminated this week terrorist Yosef Rafiq Ahmad Sabah, the head of investigations at Hamas’ internal security organization in the area of Beit Hanoun.

Sabah served as a security officer in Hamas’ military intelligence division at Beit Hanoun. His elimination is a significant blow to the organization’s investigation division.

IDF forces, together with the ISA and the assistance of the 215th Artillery Brigade, attacked a vehicle carrying ten terrorists using an aircraft. The attack was carried out after accurate intelligence information was gathered, enabling the raid.

Combat aircraft of the Air Force, along with the Southern Command Artillery Corps, hit a rocket launching site yesterday in the Remal neighborhood, which has been the site of several rocket launches against the 162nd Brigade operating in the area.

Furthermore, during the last day the Air Force attacked dozens of terrorist targets across the Gaza Strip, including observation posts, military buildings, terrorists, and additional terror infrastructure.

Attached are documentation and footage of IDF operations in the Gaza Strip:

Attached are pictures of IDF forces operating in the Strip:

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