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“IDF’s 162nd Division Thwarts Hamas Terror Targets in East Rafah: A Close Look at the Underground Operations”

IDF Spokesperson:

IDF forces led by the 162nd Division continue in targeted operations to thwart the terror targets of the terror organization Hamas in the east Rafah area: terrorists neutralized and tunnels and underground infrastructures located at various focal points.

IDF forces led by the 162nd Division, with intelligence by the Shin Bet and AMAN, continue targeted operations in east Rafah against Hamas terrorists and the organization’s terror infrastructure.

Combat soldiers of the Givati Brigade and the 401 Brigade neutralized terrorists in several encounters over the past day, and located terror infrastructures along with underground tunnels at different locations in the area. The forces have begun processes to destroy these infrastructures and tunnels.

During one of the operations, Givati soldiers identified a terrorist carrying an RPG-type weapon on the battlefield and neutralized him.

Simultaneously, the forces of the 401 Brigade continue making incursions on the Gaza side of the Rafah Crossing following indications and intelligence information indicating that terrorists are exploiting the border crossing area for operations and terrorism purposes.

Over the last day, the Air Force aircraft attacked and destroyed over 100 terror targets across the Strip. The targeted sites included military buildings, observation posts, launch sites, and other military infrastructure.

Attached is documentation from the operations of the combat team of the 401 Brigade in east Rafah:

Attached are photos from IDF operations in the Strip:

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