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“IDF Forces Persistently Dismantle Terror Infrastructures in Gaza: An Inside Look at the 99th and 162nd Brigade’s Operations”

IDF Spokesperson:

The activity of IDF forces continues in the Zeitun area in the center of the Strip, led by the 99th Brigade, and in eastern Rafah the 162nd Brigade continues to fight.

In eastern Rafah, the forces of the 162nd Brigade continue to operate, where in the last day the combat team from the Givati Brigade located several subterranean tunnels in the area. Across from Rafah on the Gaza side, the combat team of the 401st Brigade eliminated several terrorist squads in face-to-face battles and in air circle closures.
Aircraft from the Air Force, as well as the 215th artillery division attacked several areas in Rafah from which rockets and mortar bombs were recently fired towards Israel and from the crossing at Kerem Shalom.

In the Zeitun area in the center of the Strip, combat teams from the Paratrooper Brigade and the 2nd Brigade are operating, under the guidance of the Israel Security Agency and Military Intelligence, to continue dismantling terror infrastructures and eliminating terrorists in the area.
Combat aircraft attacked several terrorists and targets of the terrorist organization, Hamas, in the last day. This included a booby-trapped building loaded with many weapons.

Combat aircraft from the Air Force and the Gaza Division attacked several terror infrastructures throughout the Strip, including anti-tank positions and tunnels.

Combat units of the 679th division identified a squad of terrorists emerging from a weapons cache in the center of the Strip and moving towards them. An Air Force aircraft attacked the squad. The weapons cache and another terrorist from the squad were attacked shortly afterwards by combat aircrafts and helicopters from the Air Force.

Over the last day, Air Force aircraft and fighter planes attacked and destroyed about 40 terrorist targets throughout the Strip. Among the targets attacked were military buildings, observation posts, terrorist squads, and other military infrastructures.

Attached are photos from the activity of the forces throughout the Gaza Strip:

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