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“IDF Strikes Hezbollah Targets in Lebanon: Inside the Yaroun and Kfar Kila Military Operations”

IDF Spokesperson:

The IDF attacked terrorist targets in Lebanon; Documentation: Two armed terrorists were attacked in the Yaroun area.

In the past few hours, a team from Unit 869 identified two Hezbollah terrorists moving near a military building in the Yaroun area, while they were carrying weapons.
Shortly after, air force fighter jets attacked the terrorists.

Earlier today, air force fighter jets attacked a terrorist infrastructure of the Hezbollah terrorist organization in the Kfar Kila area. In addition, a military building of the organization in the Blida area, where terrorists were staying, was attacked.

In continuation of the alert about the entry of a hostile aircraft in the north of the country, it was a false identification.

Attached is documentation of the attack on the terrorists and IDF attacks in Lebanon:

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