Gaza is the biggest world prison

HomeFactsGaza is the biggest world prison

the people there are under blockade – unable to leave

2.1 million people live on just 365 square kilometers of land.

It is said that no one is going in or out.

Is that true? We googled it in International and pro Palestinian sites, and this are the results:

Here is what a Palestinian from Gaza needs to do to travel abroad, according to The Danish Immigration Service in 2019

Surprisingly it seems that Israel gives permissions to travel from Gaza to Israel when needed, and come back, but Hamas and Egypt both use their combined border to exploit the Palestinians, steal from the money and torture them if they try to exit without their permission.

So which is it?

Is it a prison?

Or do thousand of Gazans pass each day to work, pass medical examination, appear in courts, visit relatives in an Israeli prison and do business in Israel?

Evidently except when the pass is closed for security reasons when Hamas attacks Israel?

Once again – don’t believe propaganda, learn first.

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