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The Nova tribe, a vibrant community of over 10,000 psychedelic trance music enthusiasts, has been gathering annually for an outdoor festival in recent years. This year’s event, held on October 7th in southern Israel near the Gaza border, ended in a horrific tragedy. Over 300 partygoers were brutally massacred, and 40 others were abducted.

In the aftermath of the event, director Dan Pe’er, who was volunteering to assist survivors, began receiving numerous video and audio clips from those who survived. “#NOVA” chronicles these harrowing events minute by minute, using only the footage from festivalgoers’ cameras and terrorists’ body cameras. The raw documentary exposes the true, bone-chilling atrocities of October 7th without any external intervention.

“#NOVA, crafted with exceptional skill and momentum by director Dan Pe’er, stands as an outstanding documentary. Truly hypnotizing, it is a sterling effort marked by sharp skill and endless sensitivity.”

— Einav Shiff, Yediot

“11 minutes into the film, the height of the tragedy is yet to come, but the body already aches in pain, and tears gush forth.”

— Nadav Menuchin, Walla

“This documentary is both tantalizing and essential viewing.”

— Smadar Shiloni, Ynet

“In the realm of documentaries, there is a clear winner. This breathtaking, sorrowful, and historic film, completed with utmost speed, goes completely unnoticed.”

— Nir Wolf, Israel Hayom

Documentary Feature

Duration: 52 minutes

Languages: Hebrew, Arabic

Director: Dan Pe’er

Produced by: yes Docu, Kastina Communications

International Distribution: yes Studios

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