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Shir Biton

Shir Biton, a 19-year-old combat medic from Ashdod, was stationed at Nahal Oz when the deadly attack by Hamas terrorists occurred on October 7th. Shir was known for her dedication to saving lives, a passion that she had nurtured since her early teenage years. Before joining the IDF, she volunteered with Magen David Adom (MDA), where her commitment to helping others truly flourished.

On the morning of the attack, Shir managed to send a final message to her parents at 06:45 AM, informing them of her situation amidst the chaos. Tragically, while trying to escape the area after neutralizing one attacker, she encountered more terrorists in a corridor and was killed in the ensuing conflict.

Shir’s background was as inspiring as her final acts. A bright student, she graduated with outstanding grades and was profoundly committed to her role as a medic. She was not just a soldier; she was a beloved daughter, a reliable friend, and a caring individual who was deeply involved in her community. Her love for dance and fitness were part of her vibrant character, reflecting her enthusiasm for life.

The community and her family remember Shir not only for her bravery but also for the profound kindness and joy she brought into their lives. Her aspirations to become a doctor speak volumes about her passion for service and care, a dream cut tragically short.

Shir’s legacy continues through initiatives taken by her family and the community, including dedicating medical facilities and ambulances in her name, ensuring her spirit lives on in the service of saving others. Her story is a poignant reminder of the personal losses suffered in the broader conflict, highlighting the courage and resilience of those who serve

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Shir Biton



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07 October 2023

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Gaza Division

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