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“Unmasking Terror Operations: IDF’s Nightly Assaults on Gaza’s Underground Tunnels and Hidden Weapon Caches in Schools”

IDF Spokesperson:

The fighting in the Gaza Strip continues; in the Shuja’iyya neighborhood, the combat team of the Kfir Brigade eliminated a terrorist cell and found Kalashnikov rifles and grenades in a school; Paratroopers discovered underground tunnels, one of which had an elevator installed in it.

During the night, the fighting in the Gaza Strip continued, with combat aircraft from the Air Force attacking and destroying terrorist targets and terrorists, while ground forces continued fighting in different areas.

Warriors from the Kfir Brigade’s combat team encountered a terrorist cell in a school in the Shuja’iyya neighbourhood. The soldiers engaged in exchange of fire and eliminated the terrorists. The forces continued to search the school and found a number of weapons including Kalashnikovs, grenades, and ammunition within the classrooms.

An armored combat team from the Paratroopers Brigade located and destroyed a tunnel in the Shuja’iyya neighbourhood which was part of an extensive underground network. The forces located an additional tunnel which contained many weapons and an elevator.

The combat forces from the Golani Brigade identified several terrorists armed with anti-tank missiles moving towards them in the neighbourhood. Support forces directed a combat helicopter from the Air Force to the location which attacked and eliminated the terror cell before they could fire at the forces.

Combat team from Brigade 5 operated in the Beit Hanoun area and attacked active terrorists firing from a mosque and a UNRWA school.

Yesterday, naval forces attacked a building in the Gaza Strip where several terrorists were identified by the ground forces operating in the Strip. In addition, during the night, several targets associated with terror organizations in the Strip were attacked, including buildings and vessels used for terrorist purposes.

Attached is footage of firing at forces of 5th Artillery Corps from a UNRWA school and an attack on a terror infrastructure next to the school in the Beit Hanoun area:

Attached is footage of IDF forces operating in the Strip:

Attached is footage of IDF strikes in the Strip:

Attached is a briefing by the commander of the Duchifat Battalion, Brigadier General Sahar, on finding weapons in a school in the Shuja’iyya neighborhood:

Attached are photos of the forces in action:

Attached are photos of the tunnels found in the Shuja’iyya neighborhood:

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