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“Unveiling IDF’s Intensive Counter-Terror Operations in the Gaza Strip: A Detailed Account”

IDF Spokesperson:

IDF soldiers continue to operate in the Gaza Strip; combat troops from the Nahal Brigade identified terrorists who fired a anti-tank missile at the forces and directed an aircraft that attacked them.

Troops from Brigade 98 continue to eliminate terrorists and clean areas from terror infrastructures in West Khan Younes, in parallel to raids by Brigade 162 in the central and northern Strip. Navy troops attacked a number of terror targets as part of the assistance to the entrenched forces.

In the center of the Strip, combat troops of the Nahal Brigade identified and eliminated a terrorist who spied on them, fired an anti-tank missile and approached them. Subsequently, more anti-tank missiles were shot at the soldiers. In a short time, the fighters identified two terrorists coming out of a building from which the shooting was identified, and they directed an aircraft that attacked the terrorists.
The Nahal Brigade’s fire complex directed aircraft to attack numerous terror targets, including a weapons warehouse. After the warehouse strike, secondary blasts were identified, indicating a large amount of ammunition that was inside.

In West Khan Younes, combat troops of the Paratroopers Brigade and fighters from unit “Egoz” eliminated terrorists, and raided terror targets where they found combat means.

Also in Khan Younes, the fire center of Brigade 98 directed an aircraft that attacked three weapon warehouses and a group of terrorists that executed fire towards our forces. Combat troops from Brigade 7 raided combat areas and executed terrorists. Combat troops from Brigade 646 found many combat means.

Attached are photos from IDF’s operations in the Gaza Strip:

Attached is documentation from IDF’s attacks in the Gaza Strip:

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