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Novara Media

Novara Media is an independent alternative media organization based in the United Kingdom with a left-wing editorial perspective. It was founded by James Butler and Aaron Bastani in 2011 after they met during protests against the increase in UK university tuition fees. Originally starting as a podcast called “Novara FM” on community radio station Resonance FM, Novara Media later expanded into a multimedia project, producing written, video, and audio content.

Initially skeptical of the Labour Party, Novara Media became more supportive during Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership in the late 2010s as they saw him and his allies aligned with extra-parliamentary left-wing movements. The organization critiques what it sees as bias and a narrow view of mainstream media outlets and takes an anti-establishment stance.

Novara Media is primarily funded through donations and subscriptions from its supporters rather than corporate partnerships or advertisers.

Novara Media expressed support for Hamas during the October 7th War (Iron swords) and later published content containing anti-Semitic messages and misinformation.
Their content is focused on supporting Hamas, and a nonexistent country named Palestine

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Hamas Terror OrganizationHamas
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The Islamic Republic of Iran: A Terrorist RegimeIRGC
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