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“Adjustments to IDF’s Gaza Defense Policy: New Gathering Limits and Changes in Emergency Protocols”

IDF Spokesperson:

Changes in the Home Front Command’s defense policy in the Gaza envelope

Following a situation assessment, it was decided that as of today (Thursday) at 18:00, a change will be made in the defense policy in the Gaza envelope residential area, except for exceptions determined in a number of settlements. The defense policy is determined with the aim of balancing life-saving and emergency routine.

As part of the changes, gatherings of 100 people will be allowed in open areas and 300 people in enclosed areas, as well as conducting educational activities including schools and kindergartens in a place that can be reached from a standard shelter during the defense.

The changes will be allowed in the settlements of the envelope, except for ten settlements where gatherings in an open area of 50 people and in a closed area of 100 people will be possible. The ten villages are: Nir Am, Kerem Shalom, Nir Oz, Kisufim, Ein HaShlosha, Sofa, Holit, Netiv HaAsara, Kfar Aza, and Nahal Oz.

Attached is the Home Front Command’s defense policy:

Please continue to follow the instructions published by the Home Front Command in the official media. Updated full instructions can be found on the National Emergency Portal and the Home Front Command app.

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