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Adir Portugal

Adir Portugal was a devoted soldier and leader whose life was tragically cut short while protecting his country. Born in Mezkerat Batya to Avi and Dina, Adir grew up with four siblings: Eden, Roni, Oz, and Sapir. He was a cherished uncle to Liad and Shaked and the loving partner of Daniel Ashkenazi. Adir was known for his unwavering courage, deep commitment to his homeland, and the warmth he brought to everyone around him.

On October 7, 2023, while stationed in South America, Captain Adir Portugal made the brave decision to return to Israel, driven by his love for his country and a profound sense of duty to protect it. He reenlisted on October 12 and quickly rejoined the Israel Defense Forces in their mission to enter Gaza. Tragically, on November 19, 2023, he lost his life in combat with terrorists. Adir fought selflessly, focusing on shielding and aiding his comrades even in the face of grave danger.

After high school, Adir joined the Givati Brigade and completed an officer’s course after two years of service. He became a cadet commander in the 1st Brigade before returning to Givati to lead the Shaked Battalion. Throughout his five-year military career, Adir was widely admired for his courage and humility. He imparted valuable wisdom to his cadets, teaching them to lead with kindness and listen with compassion.

Adir had a passion for football, surfing, and capturing beautiful sunsets with his camera. In his memory, his former high school organized a football tournament on January 24th to honor his birthday. His infectious smile and fearless leadership left an indelible mark on those who knew him. “Smile, because a smile is mighty,” he often said, spreading positivity even in the darkest of times.

In tribute to Adir’s memory, his brother Oz and brother-in-law Roni composed a song called “Angel in Purple.” His mother, Dina, recalls him as a caring sibling, doting uncle, and a son any mother would be proud of. His comrade, Elia Kamos, remembers Adir for his unwavering kindness and appreciation for life’s simple joys. His memory remains a beacon of hope and resilience, promising to inspire and uphold his legacy for years to come.

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Fell On

19 November 2023

Army Unit

Givati Brigade

Army Rank

Captain (res.) 

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