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Harel Ittah

Sergeant Harel Itach was a true embodiment of bravery and dedication. Serving as a team commander in the Givati Reconnaissance Unit, he was widely respected not only for his tactical acumen but also for his profound humanity and compassion towards those under his command and his community.

Born and raised in Netanya, Harel joined the IDF with a strong desire to contribute to his country’s safety. His leadership qualities quickly became evident, leading to his rapid advancement to the position of a team commander. Harel’s commitment to his duties was unparalleled, always putting the needs of his soldiers and mission above his own.

Tragically, during a dense and volatile confrontation in a crowded neighborhood of southern Gaza Strip, Harel sustained severe injuries that proved fatal after a week of intensive care. His untimely death on December 30th, after fighting courageously for his life, left a void in the hearts of many.

Harel was known for his kind heart and genuine care for others, often going beyond the call of duty to assist those around him. Whether it was supporting a fellow soldier or providing comfort to someone in need, his acts of kindness left a lasting impression on all who knew him.

IDF chief of staff Herzi Halevi About Harel

First Name


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Fell On

30 December 2023

Army Unit

Givati Brigade

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יהי זכרו ברוך

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