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Roy Elias

Roy Elias was a courageous soldier who tragically lost his life in Gaza at the age of 21. He hailed from Tsofar in the Arava region and served in the 603rd Engineering Battalion of the IDF’s Sa’ar MeGolan Formation. Growing up in a family with a strong legacy of service, Roy was the grandson of Abraham Elias, one of the founders of the Engineering Corps’ first battalion, and the son of Sasson Elias. His uncle Oded Elias also served as a naval officer and fell during training. Sadly, Roy’s death marked the end of the Elias family line.

Roy was known for his boundless energy and unwavering commitment. He was a standout basketball player who won the “State Shooter” title in 2019 and was an avid fan of Maccabi Tel Aviv. At his funeral, his sister, Hadar, draped a scarf from the team over his grave, recalling his passion for basketball and his dedication to supporting his favorite team.

Roy was committed to returning to his roots and planned to build a family home in the Arava after completing his service. He loved his community and the life it offered, dreaming of continuing his father’s legacy in agriculture. His strong character and values made him a beloved member of the community, and his death left a void that will be felt for years to come.

His bravery and kindness were admired by all who knew him. His mentor and the head of the regional council, Meir Tzur, remembered how Roy proudly held the Arava flag after his training course, always bringing honor to the region he loved. “He was a shining example of a son carrying on a legacy, and his loss is immense,” Tzur said.

Roy Elias’s memory will live on through the love he shared and the courage he displayed in protecting his country and community.

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Fell On

23 December 2023

Army Unit

Israeli Combat Engineering Corps

Army Rank

Staff sergeant

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