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Eden Alon Levy

Eden Alon Levy was a young soldier who served as a squad commander at the Zikim Military Base near the Gaza Strip border.
At 19 years old, her leadership and bravery were evident, particularly on October 7th, when she played a pivotal role in a fierce battle at the base.

Eden was scheduled to attend officer training and had also been selected for the initial stages of pilot course tryouts, demonstrating her ambition and dedication to her military career. However, her life took a tragic turn early one morning.
As the weekend duty officer, she was supervising the base when it came under a sudden and violent attack by Hamas militants. About 20 minutes into her shift, which began just before dawn, the base was assaulted.

With remarkable calmness and decisiveness, Eden acted swiftly to secure the safety of her fellow soldiers. She instructed a new recruit at her side to alert others and organize a retreat to protected areas. Tragically, during this heroic defense, Eden was fatally wounded, but her actions undoubtedly saved many lives.

Back home in Nir’it, a communal settlement in southern Sharon, Israel, her family awoke to alarms and distressing messages from Eden, initially not realizing the severity of the situation. Her last words to them were expressions of love, sent just minutes before she was struck.

Eden was remembered not just for her military valor but also for her vibrant life outside of service.
She was an avid dancer, participating in a representative dance group of southern Sharon from the age of eight. Her leadership qualities were evident both in and out of uniform, influencing and inspiring all who knew her.

Her loss was profoundly felt by her community and her family, who described her as a joyous and determined individual, always striving for perfection and deeply committed to her roles, whether on the dance floor or in military service.

In her honor, the project “Levachot Lachem” facilitated a meeting between her mother, Inbar, her sister, and the singer Keren Peles, who performed a song that resonated with Eden’s story, celebrating her life and bravery. This initiative, supported by Mifal HaPais, emphasized the healing power of art and culture in times of grief and loss.

Eden Alon Levy’s legacy is marked by her courage, strength, and the profound impact she had on those around her, both in her life and through the circumstances of her untimely death.

First Name


Last Name

Alon Levy



Fell On

07 October 2023

Army Unit

Search and rescue

Army Rank

Staff sergeant

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