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Gal Meir Eisenkot

Gal was a great patriot of the country and at every opportunity before the start of the maneuver and during the lulls, I came to meet him. I always found him very whole, convinced that this was a just war. Obliged to protect the country, save lives.

Gal fell in a mission that was ultimately intended to rescue hostages , a mission that I know he very much identified with, even if it meant returning them to the grave of Israel.

Gal was the “fun center” of the family, as he himself described it well, and we will preserve his legacy. Among dozens of his photos, some of which we saw for the first time this week, his bright and happy smile, loving life, stood out.

Our wave belongs to a wonderful generation of young men and women, who proved in the weeks that have passed since October 7 that the future of the State of Israel, which he so loved, can be prosperous if only we lead the country according to the values and standards by which it was founded.

First Name

Gal Meir

Last Name




Fell On

07 December 2023

Army Unit

551st Brigade

Army Rank

Master sergeant (res.)

יהי זכרו ברוך

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