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Liav Atiya

Liav Atiya, 25 years old from Be’er Sheva. Son of Rivka and David, brothers of Sagit, Matan, Nathaniel and Abiel, Hadar’s partner.

Acting Major Liav Attia was a reserve fighter in Battalion 6623, of the 55th Paratroopers Brigade.
He was killed on Friday, December 8, 2023, in a battle with Hamas terrorists in the southern Gaza Strip.

Liav was about to enter his third year of civil engineering studies. At the same time as studying, he worked in security. He really liked to cook and make pizzas.

Liav was a determined and persistent young man, with clear goals and an organized work plan on how he intended to achieve each goal.
He loved to research every field he touched from A to Z, and he had a special ability to pass on insights and knowledge.

He was sharp and quick to grasp different types of knowledge – in his degree he grasped the material immediately, in basketball – he started playing and realized he needed to improve, asked a professional friend to give him lessons, practiced a lot and improved his technique until he learned to play well.

Liav was a great cook, who also invested a lot in his hobby: a lot of watching cooking shows and collecting new ideas and interesting articles, and a lot of cooking and making combinations and innovations in the kitchen. Without recipes, each dish is one-time and irreproducible.
At every event he attended, he said ‘mitzvah to be happy’ and went to tear up the square, with or without friends.

First Name


Last Name




Fell On

08 December 2023

Army Unit

55th Paratroopers Brigade

Army Rank

Master sergeant (res.)

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