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Nethanel Menachem Eitan

Nethanel Menachem Eitan was born into a family marked by love and a deep sense of community.
From a young age, Nethanel displayed an extraordinary spirit of giving, a quality that defined his short but impactful life.

As a child, Nethanel was known among his peers for his compassion and willingness to help others.
By the age of thirteen, he was already volunteering with various charitable organizations, dedicating his time and energy to those in need. His work was not just an activity; it was a calling. He helped children battling cancer, bringing joy and hope into their lives, even in their darkest hours.

Nethanel’s dedication to service extended into his teenage years and beyond. He joined the prestigious Unit 669 of the Israel Defense Forces, a unit known for its rigorous search and rescue missions. Here, Nethanel was not only a soldier but also a guardian angel to his fellow servicemen and women, demonstrating leadership and bravery that belied his young age.

On a fateful day during an operation in Gaza, Nethanel’s unit was ambushed. In his last moments, he displayed immense courage, directing his comrades to safety before being tragically struck down. His selflessness was a beacon of light to all who knew him.

Even in death, Nethanel continued to give life. True to his giving nature, he was an organ donor, and his heart, lungs, and liver saved the lives of three individuals, leaving a legacy of hope and love.

Nethanel’s story is a poignant reminder of the power of selflessness and the impact one life can have on many. He lived by a simple yet powerful creed: to make the world a better place through acts of kindness and courage. His memory endures, inspiring all who learn of his life to carry forward the torch of compassion and humanity.

First Name

Nethanel Menachem

Last Name




Fell On

10 December 2023

Army Unit

Unit 669

Army Rank


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