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Shir Eilat

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07 October 2023



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Army Unit

Border Protection Corps

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יהי זכרה ברוך

Shir Eilat was a symbol of courage and generosity, a twenty-year-old from Kfar Shmuel, daughter of Doron and Ayelet, and sister to Lior and Nir. Known for her smile, willingness to help others, and an innate sense of leadership, she cultivated a worldview of responsibility and caring within her school and community. These qualities continued with her as she served as a commander in Battalion 414 of the Border Defense Corps.

She was recognized and respected by her superiors and mentees as someone who brought an atmosphere of determination and a radiant smile to every place she was present. As she commanded the control center in Nahal Oz, she combined composure with a deep appreciation for her mission and the soldiers under her command. Her charisma was evident at every moment and influenced everyone around her, her family, her friends, and her soldiers.

In a critical moment during a terrorist infiltration, she demonstrated extraordinary bravery, aware that beyond her operational role, she was also responsible for the human spirit of her team. She fell in battle while defending her country, attempting to calm and shelter the soldiers around her.

The legacy left by Shir Eilat is powerful and inspiring. Those who knew her and those who have heard of her heroism are touched by the brave and warm character she exhibited and the actions she took. Shir was a light to everyone, and her memory continues to shine, offering an example of leadership and selflessness.

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